Embodying Your Truth

Welcome! If you are reading this, then I am fairly certain that you want to change something in your life – and you have not been able to do so. I imagine you are not feeling as free or as happy and fulfilled as you would like. Perhaps even feeling stuck or trapped, or downright depressed or anxious. Feeling frustrated and discouraged at the very least. Perhaps you are even mad at yourself for being the way you are.

I believe there is a primary reason for this: You are not living your truth! You are not embodying your truth. If you were, you would feel happier and freer, enjoying your life rather than struggling and dealing with “issues”. It might mean mastering anxiety and depression, dealing with stress, healing phobias, stopping emotional overeating, ending procrastination, eradicating poor self-esteem, healing trauma, improving relationships, etc.  The truth is that freedom and happiness are your divine birthright. But it’s impossible to embody your truth when your mind is filled with “ junk”. Our subconscious minds “run the show” with this junk, which consists of subconscious beliefs about yourself. Some of the most common beliefs are : “I don’t deserve”, “I’m not good enough”, “It’s not safe,” and “It’s not possible.” We all grow up with these kinds of beliefs and we live our lives as if they were true. It’s literally letting a younger you run your life!

Here’s the rub. Because it’s a “Yes” Universe, the Universe says “Yes” to whatever we put out there. If you believe something isn’t possible, then it won’t be possible. We also want to prove ourselves right. If we think we have to struggle over everything, well, guess what? Everything will be a struggle, and we will have proved ourselves right.

What else is possible? My goal is to help you embody your truth. Let me help you clear your mind of limiting beliefs and help you release trapped emotions. If a belief does not benefit you, change it! Trapped emotional energy also keeps you stuck and causes a lot of unnecessary pain, whether it be mental, emotional or even physical.

I invite you to summon your courage and say to yourself, “I am worth it. I want to change the way I am living my life.” Check out My Approach page, and, if you resonate with what I have written, then please contact me. It just might be the next step to creating a happier life for yourself.

The clock is ticking. What are you waiting for?  I know this to be true: You are worth it!   It is safe to shine your light. Whether or not we connect, I wish you much more happiness and freedom on your journey.